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While the “it” bags typically change every season, there are those iconic pieces that will always stand the test of time and fashion trends. These are timeless pieces that every bag lover must have in their wardrobe. Today we bring you the 10 most popular luxury bags that stand the test of time!

10. Bottega Veneta Intercciato

Bottega Veneta is an Italian brand established in 1966 and they developed the leather weaving style “Intrecciato” which became the signature of the brand we have come to love. The success of Bottega lies behind their discreet designs with no logo, where the “Intrecciato” became their non-logo logo. One of the iconic pieces of Bottega is the Roma tote which features the Intrecciato weaved leather, leather toop handles and a suede interior divided into 3 compartments. Available in different sizes and colors to suite your style, the Roma tote is a must have!

9. Celine Luggage Tote

When Celine released the renewed Luggage tote bag in 2010 under the supervision of Phoebe Philo, it wasn’t an immediate best-seller. But with the right exposure on the arms of celebrities, stocks quickly ran out and long waiting lists were born. Soon, the luxury brand began releasing new sizes, colors, and new materials for all kinds of tastes. The Celine Luggage Tote features signature wave leather, external zip pocket and flap out wings on the sides which gives it the distinct look!

8. Gucci Bamboo Tote

In 1947 World War II was in its final stages and countries around the world were rationing their resources due to the ongoing war. In Europe, the artisans in Gucci were trying to find materials for the products that weren’t subject to restrictions and they found that the bamboo cane could still be imported from Japan. Upon that discovery, the artisans developed a way to bend the bamboo so that can be used as handles and the Gucci Bamboo Top Handle was born. The bamboo handles were so captivating that the bag became an instant hit and carried by the biggest celebrities to this day!

7. Goyard Saigon Tote

The Saigon Tote is one of the first bags that Goyard had when they came back fiercely in the market. The timeless beauty of the bag can be seen in the stiff structure of the body, the wooden trims on the sides and the Goyardine canvas which all pays tribute to the original Goyard trunks created more than 100 years ago! 

6. Prada Galleria Tote

Also known as the Saffiano Lux bag, this iconic piece is a must have. The history of the Saffiano begins in 1913 ago when Mario Prada invented and got the patent for the Saffiano leather, which is a durable and scratch resistance material that makes it ideal for handbags. Since then, this perfect tote has been designed in many sizes, countless colors and event exotic leathers. Crafted in sleek and structured lines, top handles and multiple compartments, this beauty will hold its shape for a very long time which makes it ideal for fun or work!

5. Dior Lady Dior Tote

Initially named “Chouchou”, the story of this Dior bag began when lady of France Bernadette Chirac wanted to gift Princess Diana a unique bag for her visit to Paris. After the Princess was spotted with her black Dior bag a few times, it was seen as “legendary” and “iconic” so the house immediately renamed it after her and it became the Lady Dior as we know it today. Every lady should own at least one version of this timeless piece because it will never go out of style. Designed in the famous “Cannage” pattern with stiff top handles and the DIOR charm, this lovely bag comes in many colors, sizes and materials that each woman will find one that suits her style and taste!

4. Hermes Birkin

Perhaps what makes the Hermes Birkin bag so loved is the house’s absolute dedication to their designs. The Birkin bag was created by Jean-Louis Dumas in 1984 after he sat beside Jane Birkin on a plane ride and she told him that she had trouble finding a good leather weekend bag to hold everything. Since the celebrity inspired him, this iconic bag was names the Birkin bag. This bag come in various leathers and countless colors but there is a limited number of pieces crafted every year that buying just one could mean staying on the waiting list for up to 3 years! That is one reason the Birkin bag is considered to be the right bag to invest it where the value increases with time and many ladies keep in it in their families for generations and generations to come.

3. Fendi Baguette

Created in 1997, the Fendi Baguette bag is considered more recent than the other bags mentioned here but it is nonetheless a timeless piece that comes in more than 1,000 variations! Seen on Sarah Jessica Parker on SATC show, the bag has become a sensation in no time. The beauty of the Baguette is that, likes its Frenchy-bread namesake, can be carried underneath the arm with the logo displayed. Slender and chic with a style ideal for day or night, the Baguette is a bag that must exist in your closet!

2. Louis Vuitton Speedy

Established in 1835 where it sold travel trubnks, Louis Vuitton is one of the oldest known luxury houses in the world. Fast forward to the 1965 when the icon Audrey Hepburn asked LV to recreate the famous Keepall, introduced in 1930’s, into a smaller size that would suite her. Louis Vuitton designed a 25cm Keepall which became known as the speedy. The bag was such a hit that after Hepburn carried it around, LV decided to create different sizes such as 30cm and 35cm. Today, the Speedy is considered a classic piece that comes in many variations and has come a long way since the original 25cm
Monogram one carried by the stunning Audrey!

1. Chanel 2.55

There is a reason why the Chanel 2.55 flap bag is our number one pick for the top ten iconic bags of all time! Designed in February 1955 (hence the 2.55 nickname) and after being fed up with carrying bags in her hand, Coco Chanel debuted the shoulder version of her first bag designed in 1929. Since that moment, Coco changed the entire handbag industry and introduced the idea that it was okay for women of considerable class to carry a bag on their shoulders. Before Karl Lagerfeld’s introduction of the interlocked CC lock in 1980’s, all the Coco flap bags features the Mademoiselle turn lock. Today the CC logo bags are referred to as the “Classic Flap” and the 2.55 also reintroduced in 2005 by Karl is called the Reissue. A Classic Flap bag today comes in various sizes, leathers and colors but the most popular is a black colored one in either Caviar or Lambskin leather with your choice of silver or gold tone hardware. Considered to be the epitome of iconic luxury handbags, every lady must own at least on classic flap Chanel bag!

Timeless luxury bags are not only about the look or style but they are also a great investment where their value could increase over the years and your children and grandchild can enjoy them. At Bagatelle Boutique, we offer a wide range of classic luxury bags at unbeatable prices and excellent conditions. Why pay big bucks when you can get authentic iconic pieces from a trusted source!